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The IMDG (International Maritime Dangerous Goods) code is a set of rules and regulations that have set an industry standard for safely practicing the movement of Dangerous Cargo through international territories. JSL GLOBAL follows the IMDG code stringently, taking proactive measures to protect the environment while carrying these dangerous goods. The IMDG Code is broken down into the nine different classes. Under JSL GLOBAL policies, we carry the classes listed below. Should you have any questions regarding D/G acceptance, please contact one of our customer service representatives.


What are the requirements for DG documentation? Please see the following file for the specifics and for regulatory references.

Requirements for DG Documentation


The IMDG form is an informative yet simple document. Filling one out correctly can help reduce complications and timing issues for your D/G cargo. Down below, we have some examples as well as a guide for your reference.

First we have the Multimodal DG form. This form needs Microsoft Excel to run correctly. It provides interactive roll over cells that have information regarding the form and how to fill it out. It is a great reference for anyone who deals with dangerous goods.

Second, we have some in house example that we have put together, so you can see what is on an IMDG form looks like when it is complete. We have two examples, one is a container laden with multiple D/G cargo. Second example we have is a shipper who is using a tank container. Please download below for the file.


We have created the linked placarding flow chart to assist in determining what placards and markings your shipment may require.
Placarding Flow Chart